NHS induction 2020

Eleven juniors and 14 seniors were inducted into the Belmont Honor Society on Wednesday, Nov. 18. (Courtesy photo)

BELMONT — Belmont High School announced that on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 11 juniors and 14 seniors were inducted into the BHS chapter of the National Honor Society. The opening remarks of the ceremony were made by Matthew Finch, principal of BHS, who gave way to the evening’s guest speaker, Shannon Aja. Shannon, a 2015 graduate of BHS and former president of the National Honor Society, urged the new inductees to recognize their potential and to embrace their capacity to positively impact their school, the local community, and the world as a whole.

The event was planned and conducted by NHS advisors Rachel McGarghan (a member of the BHS Math Department) and Tonya Angwin (of the high school’s Social Studies Department).

This year’s inductees were juniors, Mitchell Berry, Kaitlyn Bryant, Oonagh Burwell, Jacob Dumais, Jada Edgren, Ella Irving, Anna LaDue, Isabella Lewis, Serenity McKim, Brian Miles, and Christopher Pare; the senior class inductees were Kelley Allen, Deanna Bourque, Olivia Bowser, Micah Edgren, Chloe Jackson, Eamon Kelley, Stella La Vallee, Madison Lima, Isabella McDonald, Alyzabeth O’Connell, Molly Sottak, Nathan Sottak, Kara Stephens, and Kyle Whitcomb.

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