Laconia Spa

This screenshot taken from a surveillance camera shows a man wearing a hoodie who robbed the Laconia Spa store on Church Street going through the cash drawer. The robbery happened Saturday afternoon. The clerk was threatened but not injured in the incident, police said. (Courtesy photo)

LACONIA — Police are investigating a daytime robbery at a local convenience store in which a man made off with money from the cash register.

The robbery occurred Saturday afternoon at the Laconia Spa on Church Street.

Police Matt Canfield said a man wearing a dark-colored hoodie walked into the store at 3:30 p.m. and demanded money. The man then went behind the counter and told the clerk to give him the money in the cash drawer.

The man did not show a weapon, but repeatedly said if the clerk did not do as instructed he would shoot, Canfield said.

The clerk was uninjured, and no one else was inside the store at the time, he said.

The chief said detectives are working on “several leads,” but that at this time there are no suspects or persons of interest.

The chief said the clerk was not able to give police a detailed description of the robber. The clerk told officers the robber’s face was partly covered, he added. Footage from the store’s surveillance camera did not provide details about the robber’s features, Canfield said.

The chief did not disclose how much money was taken, but said it was not “serious money.”

“Usually there’s less than $200 in the cash register,” he said, referring to the general practice in such establishments.

Canfield said the robbery was “definitely unusual” because it occurred during the daytime.

The last robbery of a local business occurred in December 2018 when a man held up Smokers Haven in Busy Corner. In that robbery, which occurred in the evening, the robber made off with cash and some merchandise.

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