To The Daily Sun,

This election scandal could be even bigger than the Enron energy scandal of 2001 that ended with our country's 7th largest company going bankrupt, employees lost their jobs and billions in pension benefits. Those of us who know are patient and will wait to learn the true results of the election. While the MSM hopes that if enough followers believe their lies they might somehow ring true.

Of course lockdowns and mask wearing do NOT work, never will. They just give Democrats even more power over working Americans. We don't want open borders. Not one thing liberals want is good for our country and our well being. It's only for their power grab.

President Trump won this election and everyone knows it. The Dominion counting machines got so overwhelmed with Trump votes they stopped working at the same time for a few hours in the six swing states. This alone gives any reasonable person pause. The software was sent to Venezuela and China so they could alter the votes, giving them to the ex-VP. This makes sense. Millions of President Trump lovers outnumber the haters by far. And 100 of the 243 Dominion workers deleted their LInked In accounts so they can no longer be found. The Smartmatic software has been used by tyrants, dictators and crooked politicians to steal elections since 2004. Hence killary Clinton herself cheated and colluded with Russia and four years later still can't believe she lost.

Every incumbent in N.H. alone won except the president. And like typical politicians, Gov Sununu is turning into a sap, has been for a while now. In Laconia, two Republicans won seats held by Democrats. In the U.S. House, we picked up 16 seats and most likely kept the Senate majority. There were also casted ballots with only Biden on them. A million of these "phantom ballots" counted!

Democrats are the party of the filthy rich, abject fear, hatred, killing, looting cheating above all else plus all the rest that makes America bad. Two point seven million votes were changed from Trump to Biden, pretending even the popular vote went to the guy who suffers from pre Alzheimer’s/Dementia who’s make-believing he won, so the media and other sheep follow his bogus plans, and ignore reality. A big wake up is coming for all your haters including Hollywood's vast majority and other fantasy land believers.

The Democratic Party truly needs a priest who can perform an exorcist on them to rid the evil demons from their souls.

Alison James


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