To The Daily Sun,

Why is it that some people get angry when they see a MAGA hat and others wait 24 hours to attend a Trump rally and chant “I love you” during a pause in his speech? Are half the people in this country enlightened and the other half sociopaths? No, the answer is that the two groups have been “taught” differently.

What has happened over the last four years is straight out of the book "1984" where “truth” is decided by those that report it. Relying on evidence and facts is no longer acceptable. In my previous letter I provided links to both facts and evidence about “potential” corruption by the Biden family. Not a single rebuttal by the regular Trump haters in the LDS. Why? Are they looking forward to corrupt officials running our country similar to Russia or China? I highly doubt that because I have many friends that voted for VP Biden and they are good people. What they all have in common however is where they get their “news”.

I put “news” in quotes because that is not what is reported. If it was, every media outlet in this country would have covered the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop being turned over to the FBI last December. They would have covered Tony Bobulinski’s press conference exposing the Biden family business and for sure they would have mentioned the referral by the U.S. Senate judiciary committee to the FBI to investigate the Biden’s for receiving millions of dollars from Russia, China, Ukraine and other countries.

So why don’t they? That is the million-dollar question, or more accurately, that is the trillion-dollar question. Since 2016 I have asked myself why has it been all out war between the media and president Trump. It’s been a puzzle but piece-by-piece it has come together to form a picture and it’s not pretty. It’s an alignment of the FBI with the media and Democratic Party to prosecute non-crimes and ignore actual crimes.

Don’t believe it? Then why didn’t the FBI step forward during the impeachment of president Trump in January when they had Hunter Biden’s laptop detailing Joe Biden’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal? It was certainly relevant because that’s what began the impeachment proceedings? Why didn’t the Durham report come out during the run up to the 2020 presidential election? That was the investigation into the Russia collusion hoax by the FBI against the FBI. The reason is the DC swamp runs deep.

Democrats and their supporters are getting rich as the rest of the country is just getting by. Just look at the Clinton’s, Obama’s and now Biden’s making millions of dollars both in and out of public office. President Trump exposed the corruption but the McCabe/Strzok “insurance policy” was executed masterfully by the media. Accuse a duly elected president of treason and prosecute it in the media without due process. It didn’t have to be true, people just had to believe it. Well played!

Bruce Jenket


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