To The Daily Sun,

After the victory of the Allies in World War II, the English people rewarded Winston Churchill by removing him from office and sending him to “永续合约交易所_永续合约怎么home exile.” Churchill not only saved England from the Nazis, but by persuading a reluctant FDR and a reluctant American people to defend themselves against the Nazification of the world, he had saved the human race from the slavery and serfdom of Hitler and his henchmen. With a broken heart but NOT a broken spirit, Churchill “retired” but, being the voice of “Never give up, never give up”, like the Phoenix of Greek Mythology, he rose again to warn the world of the dangers of communism.

Abraham Lincoln also provides us great guidance in this time of the “Great Awakening.” Lincoln went through four or five generals before he stumbled on Ulysses S. Grant, who not only won the Civil War, but in his time, was an extraordinarily popular president, even if modern faux historians deny it.

While the question of the next president remains open, the success of the Trumpian Era, as reflected in the down-ballot races cannot be denied. Conservative women, blacks and veterans have picked up 10 seats in the House of Representatives. These women and men are the leaders of this republic in the next few years. The Republican Party has held the Senate, despite the elitist fearmongers spending over $1-billion, including $100 million in races against both Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. The destructive philosophy of “identity politics” has been decimated because in the Great Awakening, Blacks, Hispanics and people across the spectrum have flooded to Donald Trump and conservatism despite the onslaught of fake news attacks against President Trump by the Demolitioncrats, the Fake News Media, the faux conservative Republicans and the conspiratorial coup against the president by the Deep State.

We must learn the lessons of Churchill and Lincoln and realize it is always darkest before the dawn and never give-up. Even if somehow the Demolitioncrats steal the presidency, which I do not think will succeed, it will be a Pyrrhic victory because Donald Trump, as the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor, has brought us the Great Awakening!

Charles H. Bradley III, J.D.


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Alan Moon

If American history prevails, yes.


He lost! Move on.


U seriously need help.

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