To The Daily Sun,

The following meme made the rounds earlier this year: “My uncle, a lifelong Republican, is voting Democratic this fall. This never would have happened if he were still alive.” This brought a smile to my face this summer, but the serious prospect of significant voter fraud during this election has wiped that smile off. With the election just weeks in the past, there are still many, many unanswered questions. Here are just a few:

Why did a significant number of poll workers in several battleground states refuse to allow Republican (and some Democratic) poll watchers to actually watch the ballots being counted by refusing the poll watchers admittance or making them stand so far away that they were unable to actually observe? If these poll workers had nothing to hide, why were they hiding it?

Why did poll workers in Detroit block windows so their actions couldn’t be observed?

What was up with the Michigan election officials who, according to the sworn testimony of poll challengers Cheryl Constantino and Edward McCall, Jr., instructed workers to backdate late ballots, not to verify signatures, and process ballots of people whose names didn’t appear in the Qualified Voter File? Why are Constantino’s and McCall’s accusations and those of hundreds of others being dismissed as “baseless” by the media?

Why aren’t more people concerned about the Dominion voting machines —some of whose components are sourced from China — which were connected to the internet during the election and which contained “glitches” that switched Trump votes to Biden?

Why do most of the stories in the mainstream media suggest that there are no credible fraud claims when there are literally 11,000 claims in 500 affidavits according to Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump press secretary who is almost never without her notebook of facts?

Why is the media so quick to assert a Biden win if they are so confident that Joe Biden legitimately won? If he did, then any examination of the facts, even if it takes weeks, will come out in Biden’s favor.

Finally, what could be uncovered by an extensive investigation of these election fraud allegations even if it doesn’t overturn the vote? Perhaps this is another reason for the quick rush to “put this behind us and move on.”

I think we need to let the lawsuits and challenges play out. Who knows what they’ll uncover.

Jennifer Watson


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