To The Daily Sun,

I took journalism in high school, where I was taught that journalism was the unbiased reporting of the news: the who, what, when, where, and how of events. Editorializing was the expression of the opinion of a writer, and while it had a legitimate place in a newspaper, magazine, or journal (websites didn't yet exist), it was clearly understood to be just an opinion.

All of that has changed. Now "news" outlets give us editorials in the name of news. Take the recent headlines about Trump's charges that there has been corruption in the election process of some states. Perhaps they are all getting their "news" from the AP, but The Chicago-Sun Times, The Daily Mail, ABC7NY, The Tennessee Tribune and many others didn't even bother to alter the title of their articles claiming that "Trump Fabricates Election Corruption." Wait. That is editorializing. "Trump Alleges Election Corruption" would have been the truth without the editorializing. It remains to be seen if such charges are true or false.

Just because news organizations don't like a president doesn't give them the right to peddle opinion as fact, suppress information that doesn't fit their narrative, or pass judgment on evidence before it is allowed to be heard. If there is one fact that is laid bare in all of this it is that one cannot trust the mainstream news media to deliver up the truth. People of all political persuasions should be alarmed about this.

Jennifer Watson


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He lost and ur so called journalism is not needed- unless ur on Fox


This is exactly what Morning Joe Scabhead did for four years, never reported and actual news story.

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