To The Daily Sun,

I am blessed to live in an area where I don't need to rely on a car to do miscellaneous activities in town. I save a lot of money by not investing in gas, insurance and car maintenance (which my father, who is more than qualified to handle, could do).

However, I do have one blinding observation: my eyeballs feel like they're getting scalded whenever I walk facing oncoming traffic, no matter what time of day, but especially on moonless nights.

I'd like to have a serious discussion with the idiots who developed these lightning-bright headlights. Mind you, I've remedied my problem somewhat: I stretch out my arm and hand to avoid these blinding headlights, which helps immensely.

Oh, by the way, is everyone ready for our society to become socialist? "HoboJoeGo" can be our new diatribe.

Michelle M. Maurier


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