To The Daly Sun,

Wow! I was stunned at the amount of space (Oct. 3- and Nov. 3) warning us about guns and intimidation at the polls. We voters were not only bracing ourselves, but we should also think carefully before we bring guns to the polls.

As I get the digital edition, I don’t have a measure of the number of inches that were taken up by this fear mongering.

Also, thanks for the tip from the N.H. AG’s office that voter intimidation is a felony. I guess that it depends on your jurisdiction and who is the president (see: voter intimidation at Philly polls in 2016). Still, one voter’s intimidation is another voter’s open carry. Intimidation can be difficult to measure.

I didn’t see any shenanigans at the Gilford polls this morning. Actually, I’d be surprised if there was any trouble at the polling stations anywhere in N.H. (except perhaps in the Democrat-run cities).

If I recall correctly, it hasn’t been Trump supporters peacefully rioting and looting across the country in Democrat-run cities. I’m pretty sure that those folks are on the Left. Do you remember the violence at the Tea Party rallies back then or at the recent pro-Second Amendment rallies? Yeah, me neither

Oh, in case you missed it, 138,339 ballots were “found” in Michigan and every one was for Biden — not a single one for Trump. What do you think the odds are on that?

Just a quick comment for Barbara Tuttle (Oct. 27) on the honesty, kindness, and decency of Biden and Harris: are you serious? Have you seen any of the video of them making contradictory statements? Harris withholding evidence when she was California AG or bragging about the drug users that she prosecuted while acknowledging that she used illegal drugs? Good ole’ civil servant Lunchbox Joe and his multimillion dollar 永续合约交易所_永续合约怎么homes? I no longer wonder where the money came from for those houses.

Yes, I know that the official election day has past, but who knows when we’ll get a result. I recall Al Franken’s win for Congress only happened after a box of ballots was “found” in a car trunk.

Rick Notkin


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Looks like Ricky Old Boy has been reading off the cereal boxes again! Ridiculous. Give it up free loader.


“Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything” is one of the rules that applies to the comment section. However, it clearly doesn’t apply to Rick Notkin’s blatantly false claim of “130,000 ballots” found exclusively for Biden. The most trivial Internet search shows that this is patently false information. The Daily Sun has done a public disservice by publishing a letter that spews this nonsense. While the letters in the Daily Sun often have this sort of vitriolic partisanship without a lot of factual backing, when an explicit claim is made that is easily verifiably false, your duty is to not publish it. You’ve failed in this basic journalistic duty.

Alan Moon

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