To The Daily Sun,

It is no surprise that Rick Notkin is following the lead of Donald Trump in spreading falsehoods about the presidential election results. They simply cannot accept that the American people have chosen a different path, and they will use any manufactured “data” and any of the conspiracy theories circulating on the right wing web to justify their refusal to transfer power in an orderly and constitutional manner.

Mr. Notkin’s letter is a perfect example of the misinformation to which I refer, and shame on him for disseminating a completely discredited claim about the Michigan results. The original post of the results, which was by Matt Mackowiak, a Texas Republican consultant, contained a major typo (from a third party source) and was later deleted by him and replaced with a correction. The original unofficial numbers, which briefly included the error, were soon corrected in Michigan. And Shiawassee County election officials point out even if the error had not been caught almost immediately, it would have been before submitting the official count.

All of the results had to be reviewed for accuracy before certification by the teams of two Republican and two Democratic canvassers, using poll books and other election data to make sure they were correct. Mr. Mackowiak himself stated, “I certainly wasn’t intending to make a typo appear fraudulent.”

But none of that matters to Rick Notkin, who either chose not to check the facts before spreading the falsehood, or chose to spread it regardless. If The Laconia Daily Sun had the resources to do any fact-checking at all, the letter would either have been refused for publication or would have been accompanied by a disclaimer.

It is time for Mr. Trump to respect the will of the voters and for his followers to do the same.

Ruth Larson


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Alan Moon

We know that you lost your election for sure.

Alan Moon

Thank you LDS for showing my comments after I called you out on your bias. How many other opinions do you routinely find to be not worthy?


The Loons follow only other Loons! You should have won Ruth 👍🏻Repubs lost and their leader evicted! Yes- LDS should fact check writers before they put out this ridiculous nonsense of false lies! Honestly, LDS has gone down hill.

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