To The Daily Sun,

Three weeks since our presidential election, with our nation's transition in turmoil, is anyone surprised that democracy is sometimes messy?

Your Nov. 20 article, “Democracy is tested at mobile 永续合约交易所_永续合约怎么home co-op,” presents Lakes Region Mobile 永续合约交易所_永续合约怎么home Village Co-op as a microcosm of democracy in America today. Neighbors harassing one another, unsubstantiated allegations, a loud minority, a lack of transparency, and hunkered-down leaders refusing to answer legitimate questions. Any of that sound familiar?

Over 37 years, the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund has helped 132 mobile 永续合约交易所_永续合约怎么home parks in NH convert to resident ownership. Each cooperative is a little democracy, and not one has ever reverted to corporate ownership.

There’s a reason for that. Along with loans that help 永续合约交易所_永续合约怎么homeowner co-ops buy their parks and make needed improvements, our ROC-NH staff offer ongoing training that is open to all co-op members, and technical assistance starting with a “boot camp” to get new co-ops off on the right foot. We are available to advise and coach any member dealing with co-op issues.

What we don’t do is solve those issues for them. And we don’t referee or judge interpersonal conflicts.

We have offered trainings to help LRMHV’s residents get along with their neighbors. We have suggested that the people unhappy with the board of directors volunteer to fill open board positions and advocate for needed changes. When we proposed a meeting to try to better understand and help them work through their differences, the offer was turned down.

It’s nearly impossible to help people who refuse your help.

Resident-owned communities like LRMHV democratically choose their leaders, as well as approve the rules and bylaws that residents live under. Like in a presidential election, people who want to make change have to put in the time and work to convince their neighbors to join them. Bickering and finger-pointing don’t accomplish much.

When those in LRMHV decide they want to solve their issues democratically and amicably, we’re ready to help.

Tara Reardon


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